Retirement for the AGES

The Retirement for the AGES framework was developed by the Forward Thinking Task Force of the American Academy of Actuaries in an effort to provide a method to assess and compare retirement security proposals unbiasedly.

This framework, along with the short comings of the current private retirement system in providing a sustainable income throughout an individual’s retirement years, is discussed in detail in our resource, which is available below.  The white paper contains some key points on what needs to be created to accomplish this goal.

The private sector retirement system has the knowledge and resources to develop a workable plan.  The retirement plan enhancements being considered in Congress, with bi-partisan support, along with current regulations, would provide the opportunity for the private sector to develop retirement programs which will accomplish the objectives outlined in the white paper, visit website to find the develop retirement programs.

TRG Retirement Group is dedicated to Defining a Retirement Plan Standard of Excellence, which encompasses the elements outlined in the white paper, resulting in preserving our private retirement system.

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Resource Credit: ISCEBS